Cryptocurrency exchange platform

Cryptocurrency exchange platform

Binance is a platform to buy, sell and transfer crypto currencies. It can also serve as a bank account with its payment card (up to 8% cashback).

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Secure your cryptocurrencies

Binance Registration Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial


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Step by step tutorial

  • 1 - Binance

  • 2 - Security (2FA)

  • 3 - KYC

  • 4 - Deposit

Create your Binance account

To start registering with Binance:

You must first enter an e-mail address and a complex password. It is also possible to create an account with your mobile number. To do this, click on mobile.

Note: To ensure the security of your account, it is recommended that you have an email address dedicated solely to Binance. However, this is not mandatory.

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and click on " Create an account ":

A window will open to validate that you are not a robot. Then drag the puzzle to the right place to go to the next step:

Once this step is validated, it is necessary to verify your email address (or your mobile). To do this, enter the code received in your mailbox in the window displayed.

Your account is now created!


Make a withdrawal

Binance funds

Withdrawals must be made directly within the Binance application.

HOW TO JOIN THE TELEGRAM CHANNEL dedicated to Robot-Trade?

Robot-Trade has set up two main channels. The first is a discussion channel.

This exchange channel is based on strong values: mutual aid and benevolence.

To join him, Click HERE

The second is an information channel.

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In case of problems: 

  • Consult the Binance FAQ which is relatively complete and well documented;
  • Contact Binance support, 
  • contact us (Telegram for example: @joel_robot_trade) for support.

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