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Masternoding by

Yield Nodes

The YieldNodes service is a node rental program based on the new blockchain economy. Masternodes are a way to generate revenue by providing computing power and storage space that processes cryptocurrency transactions.

Yield Nodes
The company

Yieldnodes is a masternoding product operated by the company Exceptional Media Limited, created on 2 May 2008.
The company is based at the following address
Flat A, 15/F, Hillier Commercial Bldg.
65-67 Bonham Strand East
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong

The team
The leaders

After 7 years working as a Marketer at Exceptional Media, Stefan Hoermann became the CEO and CMO of the company in October 2019. This appointment opened Yield Nodes to the public.

All profiles of the leaders are public and available on LinkedIn.

Has been around for a few years ...

Yield Nodes ran as a private pool for over a year before opening beta testing in October 2019 for the general public.

The solution

Yieldnodes is an investment in cryptocurrency infrastructure. Interesting returns can be achieved by providing computing power and storage space in combination with special software.



The market

Yieldnodes is not a Crypto/Forex trading system. The funds are used to rent servers that masters and generates tokens that are sold. It is a rental program and should be considered as such.


The minimum investment is $500 with no deposit fee. There is a delay of 1 week while the funds are integrated into the masternoding system.

Licences and Fees

There is no subscription or licence.

Gains and withdrawals

The projections are in the order of 5 to 15% net monthly, depending on the yields of the nodes, i.e. +120% annual on average. With compound interest we can reach an annual performance of +210% net.

More info

Registrations and regulations
Yiel Nodes by its very nature has no regulations.

However, in order to reassure investors that the funds deposited by clients are indeed in the masternoding system, audits are organised to take stock of the situation.
The first one was carried out on 12.02.2021 at the headquarters, the second audit on 30.10.2021 in Malta.
The next one is also planned in Malta on 18-21 July 2022.

Registration tutorial - YieldNodes

The first steps ...

To register with YieldNodes, it is possible to use an affiliate link (not mandatory). This has no impact on the investment results.
Your sponsor will be responsible for providing you with technical support if you need it.


To register on Yieldnodes, Click HERE


Then fill in the following fields:
- First name,
- last name,
- email,
- phone number (+33 if you are in France),
- and the password.


Then click on Sign Up.


Once you have submitted the form, you will be taken to the Yieldnodes interface.


You can consult the registration confirmation email that has just been sent to you.

Fill in your Personal Information

In the "My Account" menu, access your profile.


You can then fill in the following requested fields:

- Date of birth next to 'Birthday' in the format: Day / Month / Year
- Address - your address
- City - your town
- State - your region
- Zip - your postcode
- Country - your country

KYC and approval are mandatory to access certain operations, to validate them you just have to provide the requested elements by uploading them from your computer.


The approval can be downloaded from the link "Download Template Here", once the document is completed, save it on the interface and go to the next step.

This is important ...

It is recommended to secure the account, 2 ways are possible:


- With a 2FA application (Google Authentication, or Authy for example).
In this case, you will have to scan the QR code that appears, remember to note the recovery key in a secure place.


- The second option is to validate transactions by SMS code

Nothing complicated!

It is possible to make the deposit even if your documents are not yet verified.


Enter the amount you wish to invest in the field next to the "€" symbol.


Then choose how you want to deposit either BTC or USDT. (USDT on the TRC20 network will cost less transaction fees).


Go to your exchange to send the amount displayed in USDT or BTC (remember to add the transaction fees), the payment will appear after a while automatically. You will receive an email when your deposit has arrived and you can find your deposit in the history at the bottom of the page.


Once your deposit is approved, you must wait 7 days to allow Yieldnodes time to exchange your payments into crypto masternodables and start the servers.

It will start automatically, without any action required on your part.

Withdrawals and Reinvestments - YieldNodes

To add a withdrawal address, on the Withdrawal tab, click on "MANAGE WITHDRAWAL WALLETS".

Provide the information (BTC or USDT, wallet name, and wallet address)


Click on "ADD WALLET" to add this collection address, you will have to enter the code of your 2FA to validate.

Withdrawals must be requested by the 15th of each month in order to be processed on the 8th of the following month. Otherwise, you can reinvest the balance of your withdrawal for another month.


To request a withdrawal, if you are in the right range, simply select the BTC address you want to use, indicate how many euros you want to withdraw and click on "WITHDRAW". All you have to do is wait until the 8th of the following month.

Compound interest, easy!

It is possible to have compound interest on Yieldnodes. But this is not automatic, in fact to activate it you have to go to the Withdrawal page in the left menu.

Once on this page, you can move the slider below "Automatic Compunding" to define what percentage of your winnings you wish to reinvest according to your strategy.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions ?

How can I find out more about the Yieldnodes ecosystem and how the platform works?

Many tutorials are available to understand the ecosystem and the functioning of the platform, they are available here : Click HERE

How can I keep up to date with news about Yieldnodes?

An official blog is available and regularly updated to keep you informed of the latest news: Click HERE

How to find your personal affiliate link?

Your personal affiliate link is available here and allows you to get 5% on the deposits of the referrals you want to accompany.

Affiliation - YieldNodes

What is the timeframe for investment and withdrawals?

Any investment made requires a delay of 7 days to be effective in the masternodes.
Withdrawals are possible after 6 months, and must be requested before the 15th of the month, to allow for the disengagement of funds from the nodes.
Emergency withdrawals are possible but impact the masternoding, and a 25% fee will be applied before the 6 months since the investment.

How to contact Yieldnodes?

Yieldnodes has set up a FAQ to answer the main questions to be found here: Click HERE

If the answer is not available, the contact email is given at the end of the FAQ.

If I want to know more about the risks?

A special page is available to detail and understand the risks:
Click HERE

Trading exposes you to the same risk of loss as deposits and is only suitable for sophisticated clients who have the financial means to bear the risk.

Furthermore, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment can go down as well as up.

The Company cannot be held liable, for any reason whatsoever, for the information, data and analyses contained on its Site. More specifically, it is the User's responsibility to verify the said information, data and analyses before making any decision, in particular investment decisions.

Thus, the User is solely responsible for the use made of the acquired information and assumes all risks associated with such use. In particular, it is up to him to take all necessary measures to preserve the integrity of his capital.

It is also reminded that the Company only presents the Services of Referred Companies and does not act, in any capacity whatsoever, as a financial investment adviser, independent financial analyst, investment services provider, AIF portfolio management company investment services provider, UCITS portfolio management company, collective investment management company, custody account holder, AIF depositary, securitisation undertaking depositary, clearing house, approved representative association, approved direct seller, or data communication service provider.

Finally, by using the Site and the Social Networks, Users acknowledge that they have read, understood and accept without reservation its General Terms of Use.

Investment at risk