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Automatic trading solution:

EA Wizard 2.0

The Broker

Regulated broker ASIC (Australia), FMA (NZ) and VFSC for offshore (Vanuatu)


Trustpilot link


WikiFX link

The Team (4 people)

Jayden and Jordan created Wizard 2, one established the strategy the other developed it. Jayden is Australian with 12 years experience in development and Jordan is French with 4 years experience in Forex trading.

Charlie is Canadian and has been an analyst for 3 years now.

Coralie manages the technical support with the tasks assigned to her.

MAM Account

MAM (Multi-Account Management) trading, involves a lead trader making trades for multiple users via a single terminal.


Trades are then replicated to individual MT4 accounts.

The Market

The Advisor Wizard 2.0 expert trades in particular on the XAUUSD pair (gold market)

The Fees

Cost of the license: 135 USDT


Profit sharing: 20%.

Calculated on the results of the previous month (without high water mark system), and taken at the beginning of the following month.


Minimum investment: $200


Recommended minimum investment: $500 (so as not to increase the lot size)




Position opening

A mixture of moving average, harmonic paterne, support, resistance, QQE, ADX, and know how gives the position opening signal.


Maximum drawdown: 10


The robot has been running since November 2021 with a myfxbook available since April 2022.


MyFXBook link

More info

Trading Strategy


  • Opening a position: A minimum of 5 confirmations must be gathered in order to take a position with a calculated probability of 80% chance of success. This probability of success will also determine whether there will be more positions or whether the trading day will be over.


  • Position type : Scalping (average trade length 38 min / max 6h, no 'overnight' or 'overweek' positions).Interest is compounded automatically.


  • Number of positions: Possible to have multiple positions at the same time if the guesses repeat quickly, but this rarely happens.


  • Position Closing: SL is at 10% for the account (willing to go down to 7%).


  • Macroeconomic announcement: A blocker in case of economic announcement is also implemented.


  • Compound interest : Interest is compounded automatically


Gains / Losses


  • Since the beginning of April: 0.21% daily / 6.49% monthly
  • Since mid-May: ~0.75% daily / ~15% monthly
  • Winrate 85



NB: A 20% SL was hit on May 16 (~23% with time for the trade to close), the SL has since been reduced to 10%. In addition, Wizard is working with TMGM to ensure that the 10% is never exceeded.


Risk profile


  • RR risk rewards ratio: Average gain ~100 pips (1%) / average loss ~300 pips (3%). You need to win 3 trades to compensate for a loss which is a 75% winrate (versus the 85% observed)


  • Profit factor: 1.55 - trader earns 1.5 times more than he loses.


The Profit Factor is a performance indicator. It evaluates the ratio between the profits made on a portfolio and the risks taken by the trader. It is the sum of your profits divided by the sum of your losses over a given period. Greater than 1 means that the account is in profit, and the greater the factor the better.


  • Sharpe ratio: 0.12


Created in 1866 by the American economist William Forsyth Sharpe, the eponymous ratio was created to measure the risk/return ratio of an investment. Its starting point is based on the idea that an investor will only accept to take a financial risk if the expected return is higher than the one he would obtain with a risk-free investment, for example a money market product. To estimate this differential, Sharpe developed a formula for calculating the percentage return earned as a function of the percentage volatility of an asset.


This ratio leads to one of the following 3 results:

    • If the ratio is negative, we conclude that the portfolio underperforms a risk-free investment and therefore it does not make sense to invest in such a portfolio.
    • If the ratio is between 0 and 1, it means that the excess return over the risk-free rate is lower than the risk taken.
    • If the ratio is greater than 1, then the portfolio outperforms a risk-free investment and therefore generates a higher return.


Thus, we conclude that the higher the ratio, the better the portfolio performs.

However, looking only at the Sharpe ratio can be very misleading. In fact, academics have concluded that the Sharpe ratio itself has some limitations. This is mainly due to the fact that the formula uses the standard deviation. More details HERE


But it can be interesting to compare the risk of two investments with equivalent returns.


  • Maximum Favorable/Adverse Excursion (MFE / MAE)


On the chart above: Maximum amount of loss/profit while opening the position.


Green and red lines indicate an RR of 1 (1 pips of unrealized loss for every 1 pips gained/lost)
Organ lines indicate a RR of ½ (2 pips of unrealized loss for every 1 pips gained/lost)


We can see that the point cloud under the red and green lines is quite dense, and that it even extends under the orange lines.


This confirms that the RR of the strategy is less than 1 and that the strategy takes more risk than it gains.


Below, for reference:

  • a martingale: very diffuse point cloud in all directions and losses in pips that go very far;
  • a strategy that limits the risk and the DD as much as possible: the green dots are almost a horizontal line (no latent loss on these trades), and the red dots do not go below a RR 1.


The Wizard 2.0 registration tutorial

Register with TMGM

To start the registration, click HERE


Attention: Use this link to ensure that the association with the MAM is done without problems.


Then :

  • Fill in your personal information (1);
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA (2);
  • Click on "Next" (3).


Complete the additional information
  • Fill in the additional information requested (1);
  • Click on "Next" (2).
Trading account setup

Now enter the characteristics of the future trading account:


  • Lever (1): 1:500 ;
  • Password (2 ): to be chosen personally;
  • Read the documents (3 ) ;
  • Accept the conditions (4);
  • Click on "Next" (5).
Carrying out the KYC

The completion of the KYC is mandatory. To do so :


  • Download an ID (1);
  • Download a proof of address (2);
  • Click on "Submit" (3).
Your account is created!

Your TMGM account is now created.


It is now necessary to wait for the final validation of your account following the KYC (1 working day maximum), but the next step can already be initiated.

Account activated!

You will receive an email indicating that your account has been activated.



  • It is impossible to join the MAM without having paid the license, because it is Wizard that initiates the attachment request upon confirmation of the license payment;
  • To associate your account with the MAM Wizard, it must not have been used for manual trading!
Fill in the registration form

To begin registration, you must go to the Wizzard 2. 0 website and fill out the registration form.


To go to the page, click HERE


Then :

  • Fill in your personal information (1);
  • Read the conditions and validate (2);
  • Validate the captcha (3).


Please note: A Telegram account is required to fill out the form. If you do not have one, you can download the application HERE

Confirmation by email

Following the registration, an email will be automatically sent to you by the Wizard team.

Payment of the license

For administrative reasons and to make things run more smoothly, you must in order:


1- pay the license


2- contact the Wizard support : @Wizard_support_official(Click HERE to contact them via Telegram), to have the payment validated. At that moment, they will initiate the request to attach your TMGM account to the strategy. You will then quickly receive the documents to sign to validate the request.


Doing it the other way around may slow down your enrollment, as Wizard will not be able to find you from the broker data to validate your payment and therefore accept your attachment to the strategy.


In order to be accepted on the MAM account and thus activate the strategy, it is necessary to pay the license upfront (135 USDT or 2.5 LTC). It is also possible to pay by credit card. For this, contact directly the Wizard support on Telegram.


  • Address: 0xa2292AB8f61DF0B38EbEC8d68c3B993877D1Be95
  • Network: POLYGON (MATIC)
  • Fee: 135 USDT




  • Address : MPg5oXaWSxmgV5LLhjBe9uJ61Uqbs9WCr9
  • Network: LTC
  • Fee: 2.50 LTC


Attention: Do not forget the additional transaction fees

Proof of payment

In order to send the proof of payment to Wizard :


  • Visit us on Telegram;
  • Have the TXID (proof of transaction obtained following the transfer of funds);
  • Contact Wizard support by clicking HERE;
  • Then send the following message:


I have just made the payment for my license in [USDT or LTC, select the currency used].

The TXID of the transaction is: [Fill in TXID].

Could you please confirm receipt of payment?"

Association to the MAM account

Contact the Wizard support (by clicking HERE ) and transmit the information concerning your TMGM account:

  • First name
  • Email address
MAM Membership Documents

Prerequisite: TMGM account validated through KYC.


Get back in touch with Wizard support (via Telegram, by clicking HERE) and request association to the MAM account. Then:

  • Support will ask for your account number (starting with 8XXXXXX);
  • You will be given your new account number (starting with 7XXXXXX);
  • A document will be sent to you by email (via Docusign), click on "review document".


Attention: The use of Docusign is requested and easier.

If Docusign is not working and the Wizard support agrees, you can .


  • Download the two documents(HERE and HERE);
  • Read the tutorial(HERE) ;
  • Complete both documents (the PDF "MAM TMGM" and the Word "Personal Asset TMGM CLIENT") carefully;
  • Send both documents to the support.
Docusign signature

Read the document and continue signing the document starting with the first fields:


  • The date (of the day), and the month (current);
  • Your address;
  • Your ID number (provided during KYC) ;
  • Your email address;
  • Sign this first document.


For the second document, fill in the fields and sign the document.


Attention, for the second part, in the witness section, the identity of a witness is requested. It is necessary to fill in the name of a relative who is supposed to be with you during the signing (and not yours).


Document validation via the TMGM portal

Once the document has been signed, a confirmation email will be sent to you once it has been uploaded to the TMGM portal

Validation of the document
  • Go to your TMGM portal;
  • Click on "Document" (1);
  • Read the document ;
  • Click on "Agreement" (2);
  • Click on "Yes" (3).


You will then receive an automatic email from the Broker indicating that you have accepted the contract.

TMGM - Deposits and withdrawals

Go to your TMGM Dashboard

To make a deposit, first log in to your TMGM account, then :


  • Click on "Financing";
  • Check the deposit account (which starts with a 7);
  • Click on "Deposit";
  • Select the desired deposit mode.
Deposit in cryptocurrency

Fill in the requested information, then click on submit.

Payment platform

Attention: it is required that the last 5 digits are visible on the transaction.


Example: I want to deposit 1000 USDT (as shown in the picture). Then I will have to send 1000.042241 USDT (add the shipping costs so that the amount received is 1000.042241 USDT).


Depending on the exchange used, it may not be possible to add 6 digits after the decimal point (this works with Binance).


Important: In case of a dispute, it is always relevant to have a screenshot of the address provided by the platform. Thus, taking a screenshot (like the image next to it) can make sense.

Make the payment, then validate

Once the payment has been made and the transaction validated, click on the "payment made" button

Retrieve proof of transfer

Now retrieve the proof of transfer from the exchange used and make a screen shot of it (Example: Binance).

Attach proof of payment

Then attach a screenshot of the proof of transaction containing the TXID (1)


Click on "Submit". (2)

Confirmation by email

After a few moments, you will receive a confirmation of deposit by email (1 hour on average, 24 hours maximum).

Go to your TMGM Dashboard

To make a deposit, first log in to your TMGM account, then :


  • Click on "Financing" (1);
  • Check the withdrawal account;
  • Click on "Withdrawal" (2);
  • Select the desired withdrawal mode (3).


Important: Cryptocurrency withdrawals can only be made in USDT TRC20


AFFILIATION: Is it possible?

No, at this time it is not possible to make affiliation.

SUPPORT: How to contact him?

It is possible to contact Wizard support via Telegram by clicking HERE


Please note that this is a Canadian program, so the schedule may be different.

TELEGRAM : Access to the group

To access the Telegram group, go HERE

Trading exposes you to the same risk of loss as deposits and is only suitable for sophisticated clients who have the financial means to bear the risk.

Furthermore, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment can go down as well as up.

The Company cannot be held liable, for any reason whatsoever, for the information, data and analyses contained on its Site. More specifically, it is the User's responsibility to verify the said information, data and analyses before making any decision, in particular investment decisions.

Thus, the User is solely responsible for the use made of the acquired information and assumes all risks associated with such use. In particular, it is up to him to take all necessary measures to preserve the integrity of his capital.

It is also reminded that the Company only presents the Services of Referred Companies and does not act, in any capacity whatsoever, as a financial investment adviser, independent financial analyst, investment services provider, AIF portfolio management company investment services provider, UCITS portfolio management company, collective investment management company, custody account holder, AIF depositary, securitisation undertaking depositary, clearing house, approved representative association, approved direct seller, or data communication service provider.

Finally, by using the Site and the Social Networks, Users acknowledge that they have read, understood and accept without reservation its General Terms of Use.

Investment at risk