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Trading robots

The Royal Q trading robot

Royal Q is a trading robot that works automatically

on cryptos using your Binance account, and a predefined strategy.

The robot society
Royal Q

Royal Q is the company marketing the robot that uses the Binance API to trade.

The Broker

The funds are deposited with the broker Binance.

The market

Royal Q trade in the cryptocurrency market

Trading technique

An AI set up with the strategy of a selected trader based on his past results


The strategy we recommend has a minimum target gain of between 0.3 and 0.5% per day 7/7, or more than 10% monthly.

Investments / withdrawals

The minimum investment allowed is $230 including licence ($100 capital + $120 licence + $10 fee).

No limits or fees on withdrawals.


A single licence fee of $120 per year


Impossible to get an MT4 or a myFxbook.

The announced result is 25% in August for the recommended strategy

The RoyalQ registration tutorial

Creation of the Royal Q account

You do not have to be an affiliate to join RoyalQ. Your sponsor will be responsible for helping you and providing technical support.


To register: Click here


Email: your email

Verification code: click on Send Verification Code to receive the code to be entered by email

Login Password: a password between 6 and 20 characters

Confirm Password: re-enter your password

Invitation Code: 24K47

Download the application

Download the appropriate application for your phone by clicking on App Store or Google Play.

Launch the application and log in

Log in with your email and chosen password.

Profile customisation

Click on the Mine tab at the bottom right.

Click on the arrow on the top right.

Customise if you wish:

your Nickname

your Avatar

your Location(Other for France)

Creation of the Binance API key

Open Binance and select API Management.

Tip: Binance sub-account

Binance sub-accounts allow several portfolios to be managed on Binance without interfering with each other (for example RQ and Silver Mirror).


A little trick to be granted the right to use sub-accounts on Binance.

Go to the Binance application form for sub-accounts: HERE

Then fill in the fields as shown in the image.

The processing of the application should take less than 7 days. You will be notified as soon as the application is validated (by sms and email).

Name of the API key

Enter the name of your key. For example Royal Q.

Click on API created.

Editing the API key

Click on Modify on your Royal Q key.

Retrieving codes

Copy and save :

  • theAPI Key
  • the Secret Key (be careful to do this the first time, afterwards it will be hidden and you will have to create a new API key to be able to recover the Secret Key)

Check Enable spot and margin trading to allow Royal Q to trade on your account.

You will need to return to this page later and click on the option at the bottom "Restrict access to trusted IP addresses". You will be told when to come back and with which IPs.

Account activation

Still in the Mine tab.

Click on Asset.


Click on Deposit.


Send the funds to the requested address, the validation is automatic and done within the hour.

NB: the network to use is TRC20 (1$ fee)

We recommend a deposit of approximately $150:

  • 120 for the license
  • at least 30$ to pay the fees
Activating the robot

Once your funds have been credited :

Click on Active

Activate Professional Edition

NB: for the questionnaire, choose the last answer to each question (if you choose the wrong answer, the right one will be proposed in green)

Linking Royal Q to your Binance account

Open Royal Q and click on API Binding.

Selection of the trading account

Click on Binance.

Authorisation of Royal Q IPs on Binance

Click on Copy to copy the Royal Q IPs.

In the menu of your Binance API key paste them into "Restrict access to trusted IP addresses".

Entering the API key

Enter the saved keys:

  • API Key
  • Secret Key (if you no longer have access, create a new API key)

Click on Send to receive the code by email and enter it.

Tick the box

Click on Bind.

Choice of strategy

Go to the Circle tab in the bottom middle.

You can compare the different traders with the statistics button on the top left according to different criteria (profit, popularity etc)

We recommend using QQ Circle which you can find via the Search Circle search bar (it is one of the most popular, and with the best returns)

Click on View once you have found your account.

QQ Circle page

On his page you will find various information such as his Telegram channels, and the settings to use

As a bonus, here is a French channel on the subject that also uses QQ Circle and with a very nice admin:

Click on the performance figure.

Activation of the strategy

Click on Sync Strategy.

Strategy parameter

Enter the parameters recommended here by QQ Circle for the following values:

  • First Buy in amout -> "First Buy in
  • Number of strategies -> "No of strategy
  • Synchronous opening doubled to false

Click on Sync Strategy.

NB: Manual adjustments are regularly offered by QQ Circle on its channel

Checking activation

The button turns grey with Cancel Sync, and your settings are displayed.

This button can be used to stop the trading of the application, for example to change the settings.

It can be used at any time without much impact.

Tracking earnings

On Binance, in Portfolio -> Spot.

An estimate of the value of your portfolio is displayed at the moment T in BTC and $.

Yesterday's PNL: displays the evolution of your portfolio in value in percentage terms over the previous day.

NB: PNL, or Profit aNd Loss.

Track your earnings on Binance

Cumulative PNL: percentage change in your capital

Daily NLP: day by day evolution of your capital in percentage

Benefits: evolution of your balance

Trading notification on Royal Q

In the News -> Order message tab, the list of completed operations is displayed and updated in real time

Tracking gains on Royal Q

In the Home tab, click on Revenue.

NB: Only closed positions are shown. Floating losses are not taken into account, as Royal Q never closes in loss.

Strategy Guide

Please refer to the pdf document below for the figures:

  • First Buy-in
  • No of strategy

Keep Open Position Doubled to OFF

First Buy-in Chance

QQ Circle recommends setting the First Buy-In value to $15 for all tokens (Only for those that started at $10)

In the Quantitative tab, click on each token, then on Trade Setting at the bottom right, and adjust the First Buy in amount if necessary.

Keep Calm !

In all circumstances (especially during a bear market), QQ Circle recommends not to panic (by selling everything at a loss, for example) and to let the strategy work.

⚠️In these conditions QQ Circle can convert 100% of your USDT to token, but this is normal.

Two possibilities:

  1. do nothing and let prices rise
  2. replenish the account to buy cryptos at the low price (potentially more loss too..)
Choice of tokens

⚠️Only for advanced users
⚠️To be refined as not yet perfected ....


It is possible to direct Royal Q not to use tokens that are deemed less profitable (although past performance is no guide to future performance).

Indeed, Royal Q chooses the tokens on which it will trade according to the opportunities that arise once the synchronisation is achieved.

On the trader's page, when you click on their performance there is a summary of the past profitability on each token with the selected strategy.

In the Quantitative tab, you can then select unwanted cryptos by clicking on them, and sell them via the Sell button.


  • Beware of Floating Loss at this point.
  • This is manual trading, if the sale is at a loss, it will not be deducted from your profit.
  • It is possible to convert leftover currencies into BNB tokens in your Spot with the "Convert small balances to BNB"button

Support : Telegram channel

There is a Telegram channel dedicated to Royal Q.

This exchange channel is based on strong values: mutual aid and benevolence.

To join, Click HERE

Trading exposes you to the same risk of loss as deposits and is only suitable for sophisticated clients who have the financial means to bear the risk.

Furthermore, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment can go down as well as up.

The Company cannot be held liable, for any reason whatsoever, for the information, data and analyses contained on its Site. More specifically, it is the User's responsibility to verify the said information, data and analyses before making any decision, in particular investment decisions.

Thus, the User is solely responsible for the use made of the acquired information and assumes all risks associated with such use. In particular, it is up to him to take all necessary measures to preserve the integrity of his capital.

It is also reminded that the Company only presents the Services of Referred Companies and does not act, in any capacity whatsoever, as a financial investment adviser, independent financial analyst, investment services provider, AIF portfolio management company investment services provider, UCITS portfolio management company, collective investment management company, custody account holder, AIF depositary, securitisation undertaking depositary, clearing house, approved representative association, approved direct seller, or data communication service provider.

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Investment at risk