Optimising remittances

Inter-account transfers can sometimes be complicated.

There are many platforms (crypto, banks, ...). Here is a small summary of the solutions listed.


How to make money transfers?

summary of possibilities, with tips on how to optimise transaction costs:


Binance is currently the largest exchange in the world in terms of daily crypto-currency trading volume. It was founded in 2017 and is registered in the Cayman Islands.

Binance was originally based in China, but later moved its headquarters out of China following the increasing regulation of crypto-currency by the Chinese government.

This platform is certainly the best for trading cryptos and the one offering the most compatibility with bots thanks to its API.

It also has a CB offer that allows cashback with more steps than Crypto.com, but also at a higher cost (1BNB ~500€)


✅Sub accounts accessible by creating an account cryptelite and filling in this form

✅Very good Smartphone application

✅CB with cashback benefits

❌allwithdrawals/deposits to sub-accounts must go through the main account

❌Sub-accountsaccessible with a "hack"

❌No SEPA transfer

❌Expensive CB deposit


Boursorama is a French company whose activities are mainly divided between running the information portal Boursorama.com and the online banking business with Boursorama Banque. Société Générale is a shareholder in the entire capital of Boursorama.

Cette banque en ligne permet de réaliser des virements SEPA gratuits et rapides (<4 heures) pour alimenter sont compte Crypto.com

✅Online banking: everything can be managed from your PC/phone

✅Free and fast SEPA transfers to Crypto.com

✅CB free with many guarantees

✅Pleasant and responsive customer service

✅No charge

❌Gratuity subject to income conditions


Crypto.com is a trademark of Foris DAX MT Limited, the company was incorporated in Malta and is based in Singapore.

The company operates a crypto-currency exchange app, currently has 10 million users and 3,000 employees

This platform allows you to receive/send SEPA transfers free of charge (make sure you have the same name between the two accounts!)

The Crypto.com card offer is also one of the most interesting in terms of cashback.

There would be the TRC20 protocol which could be the perfect platform, but it complements FTX very well.

In short, the perfect platform to convert your Euros into cryptos and vice versa, and spend your Euros while enjoying the best cashback offer.

Small tips

(to be checked each time, as conditions may change)

To reduce the costs between EUROS and USDT, it is possible to use USDC.

EUROS <-> USDC <-> USDT (1 usdc ~ 1 usdt)


✅Integrated bank account with RIB for free SEPA transfer

✅No credit card deposit fee for the first month

✅Very good Smartphone application

✅CB with cashback benefits

❌ USDT.TRC20 protocol not available

❌No sub-account


Curve is a British company founded in 2015. It is a Fintech, offering financial services. Curve offers a number of banking services via its mobile app that are specifically tailored for payments, its main function is to be a payment card aggregator.

This application can be used to generate additional cashback.

✅One bank card to pay with the account of your choice

✅Cashback can be added to your credit card cashback

❌Access to all registered cards if Curve card hacked

❌SAV slow


FTX is based in the Bahamas.
By July 2021, the broker had an average of $10 billion in daily trading volume and over one million users

This platform offers lower transaction fees than others, and transactions are completed more quickly.

Another important advantage is the possibility to create sub-accounts with their own crypto addresses.

It perfectly complements Crypto.com, offering the best conditions for depositing or withdrawing crypto-currencies from brokers.

✅ API keys available to connect bots

✅Each sub-account has its own addresses

✅Sub accounts accessible without conditions

✅Lowest transaction costs

✅Fastest crypto trading

❌Enhanceable smartphone application

❌No SEPA transfer

❌No BC

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