Institutional traders managed by algorithm

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Institutional traders managed by algorithm


Focus on Teemant

General Information

The company

Teemant's goal is to democratize access to institutional trading for people with little capital and/or who do not have the opportunity to train in trading.

The Teemant team designed this solution after decades of investing in the financial markets.


The average profitability since the launch is between 5 and 15%.

Teemant has been investing in the markets for many years.

The MyFxBook is available here:

The broker

TrioMarkets is a multi-regulated broker with some of the fastest order execution in the market. Plus, their fees are low.

The access to the strategy is done through a PAMM account specially created by Teemant.


Secure your cryptocurrencies

Detailed information

Trading technique

The Teemant strategy is composed of different trading techniques but mainly focused on scalping or day trading. These are applied through each trader that makes up the team.

Protection (Stop Out)

You can set up a stop out on the PAMM account. Thus, if the set drawdown is reached, you will be disconnected from the strategy. More info HERE

The market

The Teemant Boost strategy is applied to Forex, Indices and commodities.

The costs

No entry fee (License). Profit sharing: 30% (deducted at the beginning of the month).

Minimum investment

Teemant recommends a minimum capital of 500 Euros.


Teemant, through its initial strategy(MyFXBook), has a history of more than 2 years!

I want to register with Teemant!

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Registration to Teemant

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial


We will accompany you!

Video Tutorial

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Launch the tutorial

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Step by step tutorial

  • 1 - TrioMarkets

  • 2 - KYC

  • 3 - Strategy

  • 4 - Deposit

  • 5 - MT4

Create your TrioMarkets account

person using black laptop computer

To start the registration at Teemant :

The use of this link is imperative to be linked directly to the PAMM (and therefore follow the tutorial below).

Referral Link: Using a Robot-Trade referral link has no impact on the results related to the investment. However, it does mean a lot to Robot-Trade. We thank you for this.

TrioMarkets is not the broker with the most ergonomic interface known.

However, we have a good relationship with them, they listen to our suggestions and are reactive.

In case of concerns: rather than creating tickets where they may not be responsive, prefer to contact us (Telegram for example: @joel_robot_trade). The Robot-Trade team will provide you with a first level of support and if necessary the problem encountered will be escalated.

Indeed we have the means to contact them more easily: a French interface as a manager and a direct contact with the support.

After clicking on the link in the above section, you will be taken to the registration form. Before that, it is necessary to :

  • Read the information presented (if necessary use google to translate the text) ;
  • Click on the button to close the window and stay on the current page (1).

Attention: The PAMM account is on TrioMarkets.com. If you click on the "TrioMarkets.eu" button you will not be able to access PAMM.

Now you can first select the language of your choice (1), then :

  • Fill in all the requested fields (2);
  • Read the conditions and validate them (3);
  • Click on the "Register Now" button (4).

You are asked to verify your email address.

To do this, go to your mailbox, open the mail received from TrioMarket and click on the "check" button.

Warning: This email also contains your login and password. Keep it carefully (note Robot-Trade: think of securing your mailbox with complex passwords and different from your usual passwords)

Congratulations, your account is created!


Make a withdrawal

The conditions and fees of deposit / withdrawal are available HERE.


  • The deposit methods condition the withdrawal methods. Ex: I deposit in cryptos, I withdraw in crypto. I deposit by bank transfer, I withdraw by bank transfer.
  • It is possible to withdraw your earnings in cryptos (if you deposit crypto). I deposited 5k in cryptos, I can withdraw 6k in cryptos.
  • If you have a problem reusing the deposit method for your withdrawal (lost or change of address ...), you will have to contact the broker to justify the change, and the withdrawal will then be made by bank transfer.
Teemant - Triomarket - withdrawal 1

In order to add a withdrawal wallet, it is necessary to access the "wallets" in :

  • Click on "My wallet".
  • Click on the desired wallet (usually Bank Accounts or Crypto Wallet).
  • Click on "Add".

Fill in the requested information and validate. Your request will then go to pending.

Teemant - Triomarket - withdrawal 2

In order to validate a withdrawal portfolio, it is necessary to access the "profile" in :

  • Click on "My Profile".
  • Click on "Verified" in front of Upload Documents.
  • Click on "Other".
  • Select "IBAN Details".

To validate a RIB, attach this one.
To validate a crypto wallet, attach a screenshot of your address taken in your crypto application.

Teemant - Triomarket - withdrawal 3

In order to make a withdrawal from your MT4 account, you need to access the "internal transfers" by :

  • Click on "My Portfolio" (1);
  • Then click on "Internal Transfer" (2).


To withdraw money from your MT4 account, :

  • Select the trading account (3)and My Wallet (EUR) (4) ;
  • Enter the desired amount (5);
  • Enter your password (6);
  • Click on "send request" (7).


The amount will be deposited in your Wallet (Eur).

Teemant - Triomarket - withdrawal 4

Once the funds are available in your MT4 account, it is now possible to make a withdrawal.


To do this, click on "My Wallet" (1), thenclick on "Withdrawals" (2)

Activate the Stop Out

It is possible to activate a Stop Out (SO) visible on your PAMM interface(https://pamm.triomarkets.com) which will disconnect you from the strategy if the trader reaches the set loss limit.

The choice of its value is entirely up to you, but you still have to give the trader room to trade:

  • a too close SO could close positions that could have been winning with time.
  • A SO too far may mean a greater loss than you were willing to accept.

The value to be chosen is a percentage of your initial deposit and/or a value in euros, and it can be updated whenever you want (monthly to secure part of your earnings?)

To activate or modify your SO you need to send an email on the format below to [email protected].

The information to be provided is available in the top banner of the PAMM interface and in your profile on the broker interface.

Example for a deposit of 1000€ and to fix his SO at -40% or 600€:

"Hi sir,

I wish to update my Stop Out parameter on my account :

  • Customer ID: CU903xxxx 
  • Customer Name : Antoine Dupont
  • PAMM ID : 10xxxx
  • MT4 ID: 70xxxx
  • New Stop Loss value : -40% (600.00 €) 


Track your results

Teemant - Triomarket - PAMM interface

To access the PAMM Management Dashboard : click HERE

You will have to fill in the specific identifiers received by email, once your POA documents are signed.

The identifier is identifiable as follows: First name-Last name-Number

Example: Albert-Martin-7453453

The password is also given on the email.


There is a Telegram channel dedicated to Teemant.

This exchange channel is based on strong values: mutual aid and benevolence.

To join him, Click HERE


Triomarkets is not the broker with the most ergonomic interface known.

However, we have a good relationship with them, they listen to our suggestions and are reactive.

In case of problems: Rather than creating tickets, or they are unresponsive, prefer :

  • To contact their support, you can go to the broker's homepage and use the chat functions on the bottom right.
  • contact us (Telegram for example: @joel_robot_trade) so that we can provide you with support, and if necessary we will report the problem to the broker. Indeed we have the means to contact them easily: a direct contact with the support and with a French interface as manager.
  • send an email to [email protected] providing your name and your account number in CUxxxxx available on the profile page.

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A serious company that for the moment manages risk and trades well.

Good investment!


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Institutional traders managed by algorithm