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Multi-strategy copytrading at Binance

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General Information

The company

Royal Q is the company marketing the robot that uses the Binance API to trade.


The average return depends exclusively on the strategy chosen at the time of subscription.

There are multiple strategies, we have tested the one of QQCircle

The Exchange

The exchange used to run RoyalQ is Binance

The use of sub-accounts is still possible.


Secure your cryptocurrencies

Detailed information

Trading technique

An AI set up with the strategy of a selected trader based on his past results.

The market

The strategies are applied to the Cryptocurrency market, with no restrictions on a specific pair. It depends on the chosen strategy.

The costs

A single license fee of $120 per year

Minimum investment

The minimum investment allowed is $230 including license ($100 capital + $120 license + $10 fees). No limit or fees on withdrawals.

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Registration to Royal Q

Step by Step Tutorial


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Step by step tutorial

  • 1 - Royal Q

  • 2 - API

  • 3 - Activation

  • 4 - API link

  • 5 - Strategy

Create your RoyalQ account

To start the registration at RoyalQ :

Fill in : 

  • Email: your email
  • Verification code: click on Send Verification Code to receive the code to enter by email
  • Login Password: a password between 6 and 20 characters
  • Confirm Password: re-enter your password
  • Invitation Code: 24K47

Referral Link: Using a Robot-Trade referral link has no impact on the results related to the investment. However, it does mean a lot to Robot-Trade. We thank you for this.

Download the application for your phone by clicking on App Store or Google Play.

Log in with your email and password.

Click on the "Mine" tab at the bottom right.

Click on the arrow at the top right.

Customize if you wish:

  • your Nickname
  • your Avatar
  • your Location(Other for France)


QQcircle's recommended strategy

Please refer to the pdf below for figures:

  • First Buy-in
  • No of strategy
Keep Open Position Doubled to OFF

QQ Circle recommends setting the First Buy-In value to $15 for all tokens (Only for those who started at $10)

In the Quantitative tab, click on each token, then on Trade Setting at the bottom right, and adjust the First Buy in amount if necessary.

In all circumstances (especially during a bear market), QQ Circle recommends not to panic (by selling everything at a loss, for example) and to let the strategy work.

⚠️Under these conditions QQ Circle can convert 100% of your USDT into tokens, but this is normal.

Two possibilities: 

  • do nothing and let the prices go up
  • replenish the account to buy cryptos at the low price (potentially more loss too ..)

⚠️For advanced users only
⚠️To be refined as not yet finalized ....

It is possible to direct Royal Q not to use tokens that are considered less profitable (even if past performance is no indication of future performance).

Indeed Royal Q chooses the tokens on which he will trade according to the opportunities that arise once the synchronization is done.

On the trader's page, when you click on his performance there is a summary of the past profitability on each token with the selected strategy.

In the Quantitative tab, you can then select the unwanted cryptos by clicking on them, and sell them via the Sell button.


  • Beware of Floating Loss at this time.
  • This is manual trading, if the sale is at a loss, it will not be deducted from your profit.
  • It is possible to convert in Binance the leftover currencies into BNB tokens in your Spot with the button "Convert small balances into BNB".

Make a withdrawal

black and white binance

Withdrawals are to be made directly to your Binance account (or sub-account).

Track your results

On Binance, in Portfolio -> Spot.

An estimate of the value of your portfolio is displayed at the moment T in BTC and $.

Yesterday's PNL: displays the evolution of your portfolio in percentage value over the previous day.

NB: PNL, or Profit aNd Loss.

Cumulative PNL: percentage evolution of your capital

Daily PNL: daily evolution of your capital in percentage

Benefits: evolution of your balance

In the News -> Order message tab, the list of completed operations is displayed and updated in real time

In the Home tab, click on Revenue.

NB: only closed positions are shown. Floating losses are not taken into account, because Royal Q never closes in loss.


There is a Telegram channel dedicated to Royal Q.

This exchange channel is based on strong values: mutual aid and benevolence.

To join him, Click HERE


In case of problems: 

  • Contact us (Telegram for example: @joel_robot_trade) for support;
  • Or via the website (chat or email).

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