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General Information

The company

Crypto4Winners is a brand owned by Big Wave Developments. The crypto-asset manager is C4Wave Capital.
Registered with Stockholm County Administrative Board as Supervisory Authority for AML/CFT purposes.


The average profitability since the launch is about 5/7% per month.

The profitability is historically more or less the same on the different assets (ETH/BTC/USDT).

The exchange

The funds are deposited directly on the Crypto4Winners platform.

The funds are then distributed as follows:

  • 50% of capital deposited at Ledger Vault;
  • 50% of the capital used for trading.

Secure your cryptocurrencies

Detailed information

Trading technique

The overall portfolio capital will be used in different ways depending on the investment pool.

The techniques used are: Stablecoins; Holding; Trading; Stacking; Lending.

Some details about trading:
- Manual trading, day trading, scalping, A.I, bots ;

- TP / SL positioned;

- Trading Manual Mainly ;

- Trading from different exchanges;

- Levers used: 2 minimum, usually between 3 and 5. Maximum x20 ;

- 30 to 40 transactions per day;


Crypto4Winners was created in 2019 to meet the needs of the existing community and the efficiency of management:
- Cryptographic management: Pooling of Bitcoins and management with different strategies.
- Transparency: Monitoring of daily portfolio evaluation and performance.
- Security: Agreement signed with Ledger Vault that protects held crypto-currencies against piracy/theft up to $100 million.

A history of the performance of each pool is available on the Crypto4Winners website.

The traders

- Traders located in Tokyo, New York and Germany to cover all time zones;

- Traders do not know each other individually.

The market

Crypto4Winners relies on the CryptoCurrencies market, in particular: BTC, ETH, USDT (depending on the selected Investment Pool).

The costs

No entry fee (license). Profit sharing: included directly in the strategy (net results displayed). Blockchain fees applied on capital transfers.

Minimum investment

Crypto4Winners imposes a minimum deposit according to the investment pool (BTC / ETH / USDT) as well as a minimum for additional deposits

Investment pool

Mini nitial

Additional mini

Bitcoin (BTC)

0,2 BTC

0,1 BTC

Ethereum (ETH)



Global Crypto (USDT)

10,000 USDT

5,000 USDT

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Make a withdrawal

The philosophy of Crypto4Winners investment is based on the long term and the retention of a passive income.

Thus, withdrawals from the capital cannot be partial. Withdrawal of capital will result in the termination of the investment.

To make a withdrawal, go to the "Dashboard" of the desired cryptocurrency.

Then according to your choice, either :

  • Withdraw your profits
  • Withdraw all your capital

Withdrawals can be made periodically according to the Investment Pool:

  • Withdrawal of profits :
    • BTC Pool: once a week
    • ETH Pool: once a week
    • Global Crypto Pool: once a month
  • Complete withdrawal:
    • BTC Pool: every 30 days
    • ETH Pool: every 30 days
    • Global Crypto Pool: once a month

Track your results

In order to track the results, simply go to the Dashboard of the desired cryptocurrency.

The results are published:

  • ETH / BTC: Every evening after the trading day is over (around 23:45 Paris time);
  • USDT: Periodically (not fixed) - at least once a week.


There is a Telegram channel dedicated to Crypto4Winners.

This exchange channel is based on strong values: mutual aid and benevolence.

To join him, Click HERE


In case of problems: 

  • To contact their support, you can go to your Crypto4Winners customer account and initiate a chat;
  • contact us (Telegram for example: @joel_robot_trade) for support;
  • Post your question on the Telegram group above.

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