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General Information

The company

Armonia Capital was established in April 2022, after its founders had amassed a solid background in trading and crypto-currencies.

She is registered in Lyon as a portfolio manager.

The management team is composed of 3 French managers.


The primary objective of the Armonia Crypto strategy is to outperform BTC and ETH assets.

Specifically, Armonia will try to convert assets (ETH and BTC) into USDT during bearish periods to protect them.

The broker

The platform used to support the automated system is Binance. Armonia Capital uses an API key to trade on your account.

This way your funds remain safe on Binance, and Armonia Capital does not have access to them.


Secure your cryptocurrencies

Detailed information

Trading technique

The crypto asset protection strategy proposed by Armonia Capital is based on an automatic solution (Algorithm).

The market

Armonia Spot strategy is active on the crypto-currency market (SPOT Binance account)

The costs

The license fee is 180€ and is valid for one year. A performance fee is then charged monthly (30% of the earnings $).

Minimum investment

There is no minimum capital.

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Registration to Armonia Crypto

Video Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial


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Step by step tutorial

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Registration with Armonia Capital

If you do not have a Binance account:

To begin registration with Armonia Capital:

Important: By using our Robot Trade affiliate link, you will earn 20€ on your next invoice!

Then scroll down the page and onto the page :

  1. Enter your email address;
  2. Click on "I start".

An email will be sent to you.

On this one, a temporary password is given. It will be useful for your first connection.

Log in to your member area with your email address and temporary password : HERE

Fill in your personal information here, you can use the tutorials provided on this interface at each step.

Remember to sign twice to validate the necessary certificates and authorizations.

Feel free to record at each step.

Fill in your API key. You can use the PDF to help you by clicking on "Enter your Binance API keys". Then click on "Save".

Continue with the purchase of the license.

Click on the CoinPayments button.

On the new page:

  1. Enter your first name + last name + email address;
  2. Select the desired crypto (BUSD or USDT network TRC20);
  3. Then click on "Complete order".

Once the funds are received by CoinPayments, it takes about 10 minutes before you receive an email from Armonia confirming that the license has been purchased and it updates in the profile tab.

In this email, you will also find the invoice associated with this purchase.


Make a withdrawal

black and white lenovo laptop

Withdrawals can be made directly to your Binance account.

Track your results

black and white lenovo laptop

The gains can be identified in two ways:

  1. On your Armonia Capital member area;
  2. Directly to your Binance accounts (Spot or Futures).

HOW TO JOIN THE TELEGRAM CHANNEL dedicated to Armonia Crypto?

There is a Telegram channel dedicated to Teemant.

This exchange channel is based on strong values: mutual aid and benevolence.

To join him, Click HERE

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