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Copy trading via Binance API key:

Silver Mirror

Infinity Futures
The company

Two Frenchmen are at the origin of the Futures Infinity concept: Amine RAZAK is the founding CEO, Mohamed IFQIRNE is the promoter.


Futures' physical offices are located in Dubai in the Business Bay Downtown.


The platform used to support the machine is Binance. Silver Mirror uses an API key to trade on your account.


This means that your funds remain safe on Binance, and Futures Infinity does not have access to them.

Silver Mirror
The strategy

Silver Mirror is a copy trading solution that works with Binance (spot account).

It aims to accumulate crypto BTC and/or ETH.

The Silver Mirror service is a technique developed by the company Futures. It allows you to connect your Binance wallet to different investment strategies through an API key, and trade in order to generate results in a totally passive way.

The Market

Silver Mirror trades on the CryptoCurrency market:

  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • Etherum (ETH).
The Fees

A monthly subscription is required, there are no additional costs.

The basic subscription for Silver Mirror (€49.99) allows you to follow the copy trading strategy.

For more services there are more expensive packages.

By referring at least 3 friends, for 240 points, the subscription is offered to you!

Trading technique

The investment referenced here is their copy trading product, Silver Mirror :

Buy, sell tokens until a defined target is reached per trade. It is the trader of Futures Infinity: Emmanuel Barbe, who sets these objectives.

The copy trading parameters can be modified to manage the level of risk (number of TP, percentage of capital committed overall and per trade)


There is no minimum, but to make the subscription fee profitable, you need between $500 and $1000 for a starting base.


The machine was launched in March 2022.


The history of manual trades goes back to 2020.

The registration tutorial - Silver Mirror

Account creation

To register with Silver Mirror, you will find a referral link below. This has no impact on investment results.
Your sponsor will be responsible for providing you with technical support if you need it.


To register: Click HERE


Fill in :

  • Your Futures Pack: Selection of the subscription pack, see the next section for more information on packs.

  • ID of your Sponsor: 1030774.

  • Your email: your email.

  • Password: your password.

Check the boxes.

Click on "Continue".

Available packages

Here is the list of available packs.


Depending on your needs (Gold Mirror and / or Silver Mirror), you must purchase the pack in question. This is a monthly subscription to the service.


If you do not have a Binance account, here is a guide to opening one: Click HERE

Binance sub-accounts

Binance sub-accounts allow several portfolios to be managed on Binance without interfering with each other (for example RQ and Silver Mirror).


A little trick to be granted the right to use sub-accounts on Binance.

Go to the Binance application form for sub-accounts: HERE

Then fill in the fields as shown in the image.

The processing of the application should take less than 7 days. You will be notified as soon as the application is validated (by sms and email).

Finalization of the registration

Fill in your information.


Important: you will receive a code via SMS, so be sure to enter your phone number.


To activate your account you just have to pay your subscription and click on subscribe.

The tutorial videos ...

In the top left menu, click on Start and then view all the videos so that the progress bar shows 100% complete.

NB: these videos are quite informative, take some time to watch them.


Open Binance and select API Management, either for an account or a sub-account.

Click on Create API.

If necessary, select the sub-account.

Enter a key name.

Click on Next.

Editing the API key

Click on Modify on your Silver Mirror key.

Copy and save :

  • the API Key.

  • the Secret Key (be careful to do this the first time, afterwards it will be hidden and you will have to create a new API key to be able to recover the Secret Key).

Check Enable cash and margin trading to allow Silver Mirror to trade on your account.

Save your changes.

To activate the desired strategies, you need to deposit to your Binance spot account, which can be the main account or a sub-account.

The BTC or ETH strategies will use these cryptos to make trades. It is therefore necessary to make available on the spot account BTC and/or ETH depending on the strategies copied (USDT or any other cryptos are not used for the moment).

Attention: in case of manual change of your ETH or BTC balance, check in Settings -> BTC/ETC machine, that your available capital on the machine is updated.

If this is not the case, switch the automaton off and on again with the buttons Activate cumulative effect and Activate automaton.

Click on Settings.

Click on Subscriptions.

Access the Silver Mirror service.

Entering the API key for copy trading

Click on Settings.

Enter your Binance API key.

Click on Configure PLCs.

Configuration of the capital to be committed

In the start-up videos there is information to help you set up your capital commitment, here is the configuration we use:

  • Set the capital to be committed to 100% by the automaton.

  • Activate "Cumulative effect" and "Activate automaton" at the bottom.


This should be done for BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Etherum) if you wish to use both strategies.


NB: The available capital must update with your BTC and/or ETH balance and not remain at zero.

List of copy trading strategies

Click on List of strategies.


Click on the BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Etherum) symbol depending on the strategy you wish to follow.

It is possible to track both at the same time. You just need to fund your account with the expected cryptos (BTC or ETH).

Copy of the strategy

Click on Copy at the top right.

Copy trading setup

Edit the BTC tab for the BTC strategy, or ETH for the ETH strategy (do not touch ETH in BTC and vice versa).

Here is the configuration we use for BTC and ETH:

  • Capital to be committed: ~90%.

  • Percentage per Order: 10 to 25%.

  • Percentage on TP1: 100%.

  • Percentage on TP2: 0%.

Click on Apply.

Click on Copy this strategy.

Advice on these settings is also given in the videos, and may change depending on the context.

Futures Infinty Affiliate Program

Coming soon ...

Silver Mirror FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions ?

What if I don't have an order?

If you don't have an orde in your list, then first disable all strategies and then disable the automaton.


If this still doesn't work, you can change the API key info as a second step.


As a last resort, contact Futures Infinity support



















Trading exposes you to the same risk of loss as deposits and is only suitable for sophisticated clients who have the financial means to bear the risk.

Furthermore, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment can go down as well as up.

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