Cryptocurrency exchange platform

Cryptocurrency exchange platform

Bybit is a platform for buying, selling and transferring cryptocurrencies.

One of the advantages of this platform is the fact that you can use the "Futures" products for French residents, but there are many others to discover below!

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Why choose Bybit?


Bybit is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the Coinmarketcap derivatives ranking. This proves that the exchange is recognized and appreciated by traders, and also provides liquidity to Bybit allowing it to improve its quality of service

Lowest COSTS EVER among the LEADERS

The fee on Futures en maker is 0.01%. See here for the rest of the fees which remain among the lowest in the market: Bybit fees 

Access to futures trading

Bybit offers the possibility to trade Futures in France (the functionality is suspended until further notice on Binance for the French).


In order to reassure its users, Bybit updates its reserve proofs monthly. Based on the Merkle tree, these are simple and transparent, and guarantee that Bybit has at all times the necessary funds to honor its clients' withdrawals (funds guaranteed at 100% or more).

Its intuitive interface 

Bybit uses an intuitive and ergonomic interface. Binance users will quickly adapt to it, and will probably be pleasantly surprised by the improved ergonomics, especially for the sub-accounts.

Free and unconditional access to sub-accounts 

Bybit offers free and unconditional access to sub-accounts to segregate your investments.

Over 100 Cryptos AVAILABLE 

Bybit lists several hundred cryptos (basically all the ones you might need and more).

Leverage up to x100 

Bybit offers leverage up to x100 on futures contracts (⚠️ to be consumed with moderation)

Its COPY TRADING service

Bybit offers integrated copy trading solutions that allow you to select traders based on a variety of criteria such as performance.

Access to the MT4 platform

Bybit offers the possibility of connecting an MT4 client for those who prefer this interface.

Join the Kronos strategy on Bybit!

Algorithmic trading via API key (20% monthly target!)

Registration to Bybit

Step by Step Tutorial


At your service!

Step by step tutorial

  • 1 - Bybit

  • 2 - Security (2FA)

  • 3 - KYC

  • 4 - Deposit

Create your Bybit account

To start registering with Bybit:

You must first enter an e-mail address and a complex password. It is also possible to create an account with your mobile number. To do this, click on mobile.

Note: To ensure the security of your account, it is advisable to have an email address dedicated to Bybit. However, this is not mandatory.

Enter the sponsorship code: 38104 (Robot-Trade thanks you!).

Confirm that you are over 18 years old and click on " Create an account ":

A window will open to validate that you are not a robot. Then drag the puzzle to the right place to go to the next step

Validation of your email address:

It is necessary to verify your email address (or your mobile). To do this, enter the code received in your mailbox in the window displayed.

Your account is now created!

Choice of language :

For those who are not at ease, the Bybit site is fully translated into several languages, including French!
To change language, click on the circle at the top right of the window.


Make a withdrawal

Withdrawals are only possible in cryptocurrencies, but third party services such as ADVCash, Crypto.com or Binance allow you to convert them into euros

In the top right menu, click on Assets, then Withdrawal

Enter the information needed to transfer cryptocurrencies:

  1. cryptocurrency
  2. the destination address
  3. the blockchain
  4. the amount

The fee is displayed at the bottom (orange box).

HOW TO JOIN THE TELEGRAM CHANNEL dedicated to Robot-Trade?

Robot-Trade has set up two main channels. The first is a discussion channel.

This exchange channel is based on strong values: mutual aid and benevolence.

To join him, Click HERE

The second is an information channel.

To join him, Click HERE


In case of problems: 

  • Consult the Bybit FAQ which is quite complete and well documented;
  • Contact Bybit support, 
  • contact us (Telegram for example: @joel_robot_trade) for support.

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