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Copytrading solution :


BluWave presentation video:

The strategy will be launched in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

The Company

BluWave is located in the suburbs of Lyon. It has been in existence for several years but was registered for the launch of the Poseidon trading strategy.

The Broker

Several brokers are being tested in order to apply the copytrading strategy on the most relevant broker. Wait and See ...

The creators
Complementary profiles ...

The company relies on several independent traders located in BluWave's premises. A dedicated trading room is available to traders. This includes all the equipment necessary for trading.

Trading technique

Price Action, short/medium term position. (No martingale/no counter-trend).

1% risk per position for 5% minimum target.

The market

Forex market mainly & Gold


3500€ start-up capital for the launch and 5000€ 2/3 months after the launch.


No license, only profit sharing


MyFXBook soon available.

BluWave first offered its services on a discretionary basis to "Family and Friends". Then, in a second phase, we wanted to open up our trading strategy to as many people as possible so that everyone could benefit from it.

More info

Presentation of the BluWave premises :

Tutorial to come ... (as soon as it is launched)

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