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Copy trading via Binance API key:

Armonia Capital

Presentation Armonia Capital :

Armonia Capital
The company

Armonia Capital was established in April 2022, after its founders had gathered a solid experience in trading and crypto-currencies.


It is registered in Lyon as a portfolio manager.


The management team is composed of 3 French managers.


The platform used to support the automated system is Binance. Armonia Capital uses an API key to trade on your account.


This way your funds remain safe on Binance, and Armonia Capital has no access to them.


Go to the Binance tutorial

Spot & Futures
The strategy

Armonia Capital offers two automated trading solutions for cryptos, one on Spot and one on Futures



Tracking earnings

Winnings are visible directly in the Armonia interface as well as the order history in your Binance account.

The market

Armonia Spot & Futures strategies are active in the crypto-currency market


There is no minimum investment, but it seems wise to invest at least $250 so that orders can be executed well with a minimum amount.


The licence is 180€ including VAT and is valid for life. It offers the possibility to use the 2 spot and future solutions as you wish.


The licence is 150€ HT for companies.

More info

Registrations and regulations


Armonia Capital is registered in Lyon as a portfolio manager: Source


Binance is the world's most recognised platform for digital asset management and is PSAN registered in France.

The Armonia Capital registration tutorial

Prerequisite: Having a Binance account

First of all, it is important to know that access to the Futures strategy is only possible for members who currently have Futures binance accounts activated. Otherwise, it is perfectly possible to use the Spot strategy.


To open a Binance account, use this tutorial

Registration with Armonia Capital

First of all, to register with Armonia: Click HERE


Important: By using our Robot Trade affiliate link, you will earn 20€ on your next invoice! 


Then scroll down the page and onto the page :

  1. Enter your email address;
  2. Click on "I start".


Then see the FAQ for how to affiliate yourself.

Temporary password

An email will be sent to you.


On this page, a temporary password is given. It will be useful for your first connection.

Personal information

Log in to your member's area using your email address and temporary password: HERE


Fill in your personal information here, you can use the tutorials provided on this interface at each step.


Remember to sign twice to validate the necessary certificates and authorisations.


Feel free to record at each stage.


Enter your API key. You can use the PDF to help you by clicking on "Enter your Binance API keys". Then press "Save".

Purchase of the licence

Continue with the purchase of the licence.


Click on the CoinPayments button.


On the new page :

  1. Enter your First Name + Last Name + email address;
  2. Select the desired crypto (BUSD or USDT network TRC20);
  3. Then click on "Complete order".

Once the funds have been received by CoinPayments, it takes about 10 minutes before you receive an email from Armonia confirming that the licence has been purchased and that it is updated in the profile tab.


In this email you will also find the invoice associated with this purchase.

Spot account

Before making any settings, ensure that the API key is active on the SPOT account (or sub-account) and that the funds are supplied (USDT).

In the SPOT tab, it is then necessary to set the amounts allocated and the number of cryptos desired. It is possible to select as many cryptos as you want, then click on Activate.

Futures account

Before making the strategy settings, ensure that the API key is active on the FUTURES account (or sub-account) and that the funds are funded (USDT)


In the FUTURES tab, it is then necessary to set the desired risk, i.e. the leverage.


In risk 5, the leverage is 2.8, which means that you will invest 2.8 times the value of your portfolio in trading. Once ready, click on Activate

Profit Sharing on Invoice
In order to use Armonia's services, a commission on profits is required.
It is not a subscription: i.e. if you have a positive month at Armonia, Armonia will send you an invoice on the 1st of the month (minimum 30 euros) corresponding to the profit share (24% VAT for Armonia Spot and 36% VAT for Armonia Futures).

To pay the bill:

  • The deadline is 7 days;
  • via Coinpayment by clicking on the payment button directly on the "member's area" in the "balance sheet tab".

Withdrawals and earnings tracking

FAQ Armonia Capital : Frequently Asked Questions ?

How to find your personal affiliate link?

The affiliation link is available under the interface in the "BALANCE SHEET" tab


With your affiliate link, you have the possibility to refer a friend, family member, etc. For each person you refer, you will earn €50, and your affiliate will earn €20!

Who holds my funds?

Your funds are on Binance, the world's leading crypto asset exchange.


Binance is about $20 billion worth of cryptocurrencies traded every day. This allows us to have the best liquidity and lowest costs for the strategies we employ.


On 4 May 2022, Binance obtained its registration with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in France as a digital asset service provider (DASP). This is an undeniable guarantee of security for investors, given the seriousness of the French regulators.

What are the risks?

Like any financial product, there is a risk of capital loss.


Cryptoassets form an ecosystem that is still young and therefore carries technological risks. Given that their mode of operation is autonomous and decentralised.

Any opportunity involves risks that may lead to a partial or total loss of capital.

How to limit the risks?

On each trade, the algorithm informs the broker of the expected exits so that he can close the position.


Stoplosses are always present to limit losses.

Trading exposes you to the same risk of loss as deposits and is only suitable for sophisticated clients who have the financial means to bear the risk.

Furthermore, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment can go down as well as up.

The Company cannot be held liable, for any reason whatsoever, for the information, data and analyses contained on its Site. More specifically, it is the User's responsibility to verify the said information, data and analyses before making any decision, in particular investment decisions.

Thus, the User is solely responsible for the use made of the acquired information and assumes all risks associated with such use. In particular, it is up to him to take all necessary measures to preserve the integrity of his capital.

It is also reminded that the Company only presents the Services of Referred Companies and does not act, in any capacity whatsoever, as a financial investment adviser, independent financial analyst, investment services provider, AIF portfolio management company investment services provider, UCITS portfolio management company, collective investment management company, custody account holder, AIF depositary, securitisation undertaking depositary, clearing house, approved representative association, approved direct seller, or data communication service provider.

Finally, by using the Site and the Social Networks, Users acknowledge that they have read, understood and accept without reservation its General Terms of Use.

Investment at risk